Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The book is ordered!!

Thanks everyone!

Thanks to so many wonderful people we were able to order almost 150 books!!

we can not say enough how much it means to us

I will post on the kingbone store very soon where you can still preorder the book

Thank you again so much and the books can be pick up at c2e2
otherwise I will ship after ce2e in April

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More EOC Anthology 2 previews!!!

This is just a tiny cross section of the comic book goodness that you will experience in the EOC Anthology Vol 2.  Some of it is simply process work for those that love that. There are finished samples and works in progress. I think we can all agree that these images are AMAZING!

We decided not to post some of the incentive sketches so they can be a surprise to the backers. I'm sure once the book is published they will find there way onto this blog.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

we are sell outs

Low Concept is now available digitally through my digital comics

2.99$ gets you the digital version of this 140 page love fest

check it out

under King Bone Press

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pledges are closed

BUT check in with

for ordering information very soon!

Hey everyone!!!

It's time to start our pledge drive for this years anthology and we need your help in printing this book.
This year we have even more creators who are contributing over 230 pages of stories from all genres of comics
please copy this link into your browser for previews and info on the book

last year we had a wonderful kickstarter campaign but this year we have decided to go another route.
We are simply asking that you choose 1 of 5 6 choices for your incentive by clicking the donate button on this page.
All money raised will go towards printing copies for the writers/artists to distribute as well as copies for reviewers

Also, as our forum is a caring, generous place we will be donating $1 from ever book printed to the hero intitiative
No one involved will make a dime off this project and we are asking for your help in spreading our love of comics
thank you

Just choose your incentive by entering the amount in the donation window
All orders include US shipping but please included, $10 for all Canadian shipping and $12 international, when applicable

LEVEL 1-$3Digital PDF of the book and your name in the "Thank you" section
Level 2-$13Gets you level 1 plus a hard copy of this Giant book at a great price!
Level 3-$20Level 1 and 2 PLUS a 5x7 inked character sketch from one of our artists!! You must select your sketch character when you donate(add a note/memo)
Level 4-$25Level 1 and 2 PLUS an exclusive 8x10 print created only for this project and never to be reprinted
Level 5-$40Gets you all 4 levels!!!! For those who want it all!
Level 6-$50ADDED 11/6!! You get the PDF, the actual book, the print PLUS one of our wonderful artists will draw you as a Universal movie monster!!(or another monster if you'd like) This will also be included in the Book, Limited to only 5 pledgees, just email a picture of yourself to eocanthology2 at and tell us what monstrosity to turn you into

*just added12/17*Level 7- SOLD OUT!! $75-You get the PDF, the book, the print AND Maxwell P has offered to include you in his story

" Not thanked in the appendix, not a name drop by another character, not as generic background pedestrian #365. You: Send us a picture. We: Put you in the comic."
-its about zombie strippers by the way :)
All preorders come with free stickers!!

Book will debut at c2e2 April 13th 2012 and all shipping will begin the following week.
We can't do this without you and we appreciate you support very much

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome friends...

Hello out there in internet land

Welcome to the official blog for the EOC community anthology!
Last year we of the 11 o'clock messageboard community put out a 140 page anthology created and published by our talented forum members
This was all started by a discussion on our forum and has now developed into an annual tradition of sorts
we are knee deep in the process of getting the 2nd volume underway, but you may purchase the 1st volume still for only $7 by visiting

more info on Volume 2 and the digital version of volume 1 coming soon
thanks for stopping by!!